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How to keep dogs from begging from, and even biting, guests at dinner

2cute4wordz12600 asks: My friend has two dogs that constantly beg under the table. They have gotten so used to human food they are begging under the table to the point where they bite guests who don’t drop food. Her family is so embarrassed. How should they get her to stop?

Wow, 2Cute, that’s a doozy! Your friends really have two problems. One is something I regard as minor (begging), and the other is huge (biting guests!). I’m hoping you mean that they’re Continue reading

How to deal with houseguests whose children break things

DeuceDog asks: Hi Shirelle – There is a neighbor boy (7 years old) who we love to have pay us a visit, but every time he comes by – he breaks something. Whether it’s a toy that we have for him and other children, or one of our gardening tools that he likes to slam onto the ground. His father is a nice guy, but a little slack on discipline – I don’t want to overstep my bounds and I don’t want to frighten this nice little boy – but his path of destruction is getting a little difficult. What would you say to him and his father to help appease the situation? Thanks.

Well, DeuceDog, if I haven’t made it clear enough, I was just like this boy!  I was a very destructive puppy, and just loved getting into Continue reading

Why people (especially teachers) are mean

Crooner62 asks: Why are some people so mean (like certain teachers) and what is the best way to not get my feelings hurt when they yell?

Mean teachers?  Like the ones who think the way to treat dogs to sit is to swat our hynie and yell at us?!

Mean people scare me.  I’m scared when they scream at me, I’m scared when they act like they’re going to hurt me, and I’m especially scared when they really do want to hurt me.  I guess that’s the definition of a mean person – someone who wants to hurt me in some way, whether it’s physical or not.

But I think it’s important to point out that there are different sorts of Continue reading

1 Which Beatle would Shirelle be?

DeuceDog asks: If you were a Beatle – which one would you be?

When I first saw this question, I was pretty offended. I mean, why would I want to be some nasty little bug with giant antennae?! But Handsome explained it to me – you want to know about Beatles, not beetles. And he reminded me of what their music is, and told me about their different Continue reading

6 A sad day

A sad day

Generally I’m a very happy dog, but today I’m terribly sad. One of my best friends passed away this morning.

Joe was, I guess, a bull-terrier mix. He wasn’t very old. He had always been super-energetic and playful, always eager to make new friends with whoever was passing by his home. And his play was ridiculous, in the best way. He was small enough to stand on the back of a couch, and strong enough to jump onto it from the floor. So if you got tumbling with him, he’d be all over you, bouncing in and out, and yelping if he was excited and you weren’t playing roughly enough with him. He had a great smile that no one who ever played with him will ever forget.

Last week, he suddenly began acting very strange. Panting, walking slowly, not eating. People thought he might have accidentally eaten something poisonous. But eventually a very perceptive veterinarian thought to x-ray Joe’s neck. And there was the problem – he had two fractures. The x-rays were sent to some experts to see if there was any way to save him, but before the results came back, Joe’s life went out of his body.

It’s not just me. Everyone who knew Joe was horribly saddened by this. The family he lived with is devastated. And his constant companion, a sheepdog mix named Bunny Gorilla (I know, a crazy name, but if you saw her, you’d agree it’s perfect) will never be the same.

In our lives, we’re always so busy worrying and chasing and striving and avoiding and whatever else, we’re unable to stop and realize just how much we mean to those around us. Do you have any idea what your value is to those who love you? And even to those who just kind of like you? Can we ever know just how much we’re worth?

I don’t know if Joe ever knew how much he meant to so many. I hope he does now.

When someone dies, it’s common to say “Rest in Peace.” But that would be an insult to Joe.

Run and Jump in Constant Noise, my friend! You will be missed.


69 Shirelle Asks: So what do you think of my site?

Shirelle Asks: So what do you think of my site?

I’m really proud of this website. I’ve been working on it for months and months, helped immeasurably by two very special friends. My old dear pal Rob Spielman, of Soapbox Graphics, has served as a trusted and creative consultant. And the wonderful Sherice Jacob of iElectrify has been the architect and contractor of this edifice (that’s all big words to say she built the site). She’s a lovely and terrific person, even if she does share her home with two disgusting cats!

We’ve done everything we could to make clear, fun, and easy to use. Now what we need are your thoughts: What do you like about it, and what could stand some improvement? We’re already working on changing some things, but the more we know, the better it’ll get. So our ears are up, and we’re sitting at attention, eager to hear anything you have to tell us!