The Teachings of Shirelle

Dear Friends –


Over the years, many of you have asked about how exactly a dog manages to write advice to people. Not that you’ve questioned my expertise; you’ve just wondered how a pooch could ever know words, or even just type! I’ve tried to explain to you that I just can, but I realize that’s never been enough.


So here’s the deal. I’m real, but I don’t live in the exact same world you do. I live in the mind and heart of a man who loved a real-life dog, a dog named Shirelle, who had all the same goofy, playful, dirty, and loving qualities I do. And when she left the world he lives in, he was heartbroken, but also so grateful for all she’d brought him. And taught him.


A while later, he realized that the lessons he’d learned from her not only affected him, but were also the basis of the help he’d give others in his job. And he decided to write them down in a book.


But when he completed it, he realized there was no way he could get people to read it, outside of his circle of friends. So he dreamed up the idea of a website where he could give her advice to others, all over the world. And that’s where I was born. The present-day incarnation of Shirelle.


Over time, the site grew, to where tens of thousands of people were turning to see what I’d say to you all about any issues you’d raise. And he realized it was time to put the book out.


Or, to say it better, it IS time. Now!

113388 Doug Green-TTOS_2ndEdition_Covers

His book, The Teachings of Shirelle: Life Lessons from a Divine Knucklehead, is finally out now. You can get it on, or numerous other book websites. It tells you all about that dog’s life, and how she taught him the ways of thinking that create what I tell you on the website and in these newsletters. (And it’s got GORGEOUS pictures of me! Um… I mean… of her!)


The best favor you could ever do for me, or for him, would be to order a copy of it. You can get it in paperback or as an e-book.


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I absolutely love being your advisor, your cuddler, and your friend.   If this book does well, I might be able to keep doing these things for a very long time (You see, dogs like me live much longer than those real-world sorts!).


So please, check the book out, and let me know what you think. Again, I think it’s the most exciting thing that’s ever happened. Though I might be just a wee bit biased!