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I have a group of readers and friends who I like to call my Pack. By joining my Pack, you’ll get a free picture of me sent to you, that you can print out and keep, and you’ll be put on the list to receive my monthly newsletter “The Pawprint,” which has lots of fun things on it (including places where pack members like you can put up pictures, poems, or other cool stuff, that’ll get sent to all the other pack members!).

You also need to join the Pack if you want to submit a question or comment for the website.

Now here’s the trick of joining the Pack. We don’t want you to use your real name. We want you to make up a fun name for yourself. And that’s what you’ll get called here.

So all you need to do is fill out this form, with your email address (which I’ll never let anyone else see; I just need it so I can send you the newsletter and picture) and your special Pack name. It’s that easy!

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