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This is where you can ask me a question about something. It can be about any subject you like.

If I feel that it’s something appropriate, which would likely be interesting for everyone else who visits here, I might post your question and my answer on the site. But if your question is something I think would be better shared just between us, I’ll do that instead. Either way, I’ll be sure to send you an email.

I need to say two things about this, though. First, it might take me a while to respond, depending on how many emails I’ve gotten or what’s going on in my life. If that happens, please don’t feel that your question is unimportant or that I don’t care about you. I just haven’t had a chance to get to it.

And second, remember, you have to Join my Pack to submit a question. (After all, if I didn’t have a way to reach you, how could I write you an answer?!)

Meanwhile, have fun! Ask anything you can think of! That’s why I’m here!

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