Which Beatle would Shirelle be?

DeuceDog asks: If you were a Beatle – which one would you be?

When I first saw this question, I was pretty offended. I mean, why would I want to be some nasty little bug with giant antennae?! But Handsome explained it to me – you want to know about Beatles, not beetles. And he reminded me of what their music is, and told me about their different personalities. So okay, now I guess I can answer this.

For those who are as uneducated as I was, The Beatles were and are the most popular rock and roll band of all time. Although they only recorded over an eight-year period (1962-1970), their music continues to sell hugely, with more critical acclaim as time passes. No one has ever come up with a good explanation of how four relatively unsophisticated kids from a war-torn town in England managed to create so many memorable and original songs such as “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Help!,” “Yesterday,” “All You Need is Love,” and “Hey Jude.”

And while no one says their individual work since they broke up is the equal of what they did as a group, each of them has had enormous success on his own, with such hits as “Imagine,” “Band on the Run,” “What Is Life,” and “It Don’t Come Easy.” To be any one of them would be an amazing life. So sure, I’d be glad to be any Beatle.

But which one? Let’s see, of these four gentlemen, John was called “The Smart One,” Paul was “The Cute One,” George was “The Quiet One,” and Ringo was “The Funny One.” Well I am smart, cute, and funny. But my neighbors would protest that I bark way too loudly to be George. So we can take him out of the list.

But then, am I John – the tempestuous angry wit? Not really. Am I Paul – the clearheaded businessman with the brilliant sense of popular taste? Not at all. Or am I Ringo – the sweet smiling friend, who seems to have found the most ease of all of them, as a happily committed man who does lots of work for children? Hmmm… that’s a possibility. (And we do both have big noses for our species!).

But I’d rather be greedier than that. I want to be ALL of them. When I walk into a new room full of people, or when you come to my website, my heart wants to shout one thing out just the way they did, with clarity, joy, and energy:

She loves you! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!

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Duggy - August 4, 2010 Reply

I think I’d most like to be George. He was the best guitarist of the bunch, and he had that cool way of talking, like when he said “There” it came out as “Thuh.” And no one ever says anything bad about him, seems he was a really great guy!

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