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LovesBlackCats asks: Hi Shirelle, So I see it’s been really quiet on the website for a couple of months… What have you been up to? Hugs!

Boy are you right, my friend!  We’ve been working really hard to improve all the things that weren’t working just right here, and because of that, we got a lot less productive.  Now I could make a lot of excuses, like about my friend Dilla, a very rambunctious Boston Terrier, needing two foot surgeries, and my having to bring him lots of chicken soup and tennis balls; or about Handsome getting pulled away to work on a friend’s project which turned out great; or about how a lot of the letters I’ve gotten lately were ones that really needed to be dealt with personally, and not posted here on the site.

But what I’d much rather talk about is all the exciting new stuff I have for you!

First, if you were already a member, you should have received the first two issues of my newsletter, “The Pawprint.”  If you didn’t get them, please let me know, and I’ll get them to you right away.

Second, we’ve put lots of improvements on the site.  It’s easier to join the pack now, easier to find old questions, and generally more fun to hang out here.  (We’ve also got some really beautiful new artwork from our friend Martin, and there’s more that should be here soon, once he really perfects his work!)

And third, I’ve gotten a much bigger web presence.  I now have accounts with Facebook and Twitter, and you can find me at both.  I’ll let you in on news and thoughts, and of course you can write me through those as well as here.

So again, thanks for asking.  I hope the site is now as good as it can possibly be… for now!  Have fun with it!

Your Friend,


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jiregna - April 13, 2011 Reply

really interesting. keep it up!!!!!!!!

    Shirelle - April 17, 2011 Reply

    Thanks! Will do!!

Gladys - November 20, 2011 Reply

I love it! See you on the other sites (Twitter,Facebook)!

Sazuna45 - October 18, 2012 Reply

You’re connected with facebook and twitter? That’s cool XD

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