What to do when your boyfriend or girlfriend is angry at you for not answering a call or text

Deadshot asks: I didn’t pick up my girl’s call. She doesn’t wonna talk to me now. What do I do?

Hi Deadshot –


I realize it might be too late for my answer.  But if it’s not, my answer is…


Give her a little time.


She wants space?  Give it to her.


And one of two things will happen.


First, she might feel “Deadshot has suffered enough, and will answer my call next time, so all’s okay,” and be great with you again.


Or, second, she might keep arguing that you’ve done something horrible.


Now let’s look at this a second.  You didn’t answer your phone when she called?  Why is that such a big deal?  Maybe you were talking to someone, and it would have been rude for you to interrupt them to take the call.  Maybe you were asleep.  Maybe you were busy!


It’s great that she wants your attention, but you’re still a human being.  Hey, even I don’t always come when Handsome calls me, and I’m a dog!  You’ve got the same right everyone else has, to not be at her “beck and call” 24/7.


So if she’s annoyed and feels unappreciated for a few hours, or days, okay.  But if she takes it further, I’d suggest you find another girl, who appreciates you as you are.


And when this last one calls – maybe, just don’t take the call again, ever!


Just my opinion!


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