How to avoid hookups on dating apps

Vijjju asks: I joined Tinder but I don’t know what I am looking for! In the sense that I don’t know what I am ready for – a hookup or a serious relationship. I don’t believe in hookup culture, because I’m the type of girl who gets attached very easily, and for a serious relationship, people tell me Tinder is not the place. A couple of guys texted me and they suggested I not trust in some random guys in Tinder as they are there just to have fun, not something serious. To be frank (Don’t judge please) I am very attention craving (maybe), asking for someone to care for me. So what do I do now?

Hi Vijjju –


You think a dog would judge you for being attention-craving?  My friend, you don’t know enough dogs!  We’re all that way!


Well I’m no expert on dating apps, but I have heard there’s another one called Bumble that might be more to your liking.  It works like Tinder, but instead of the guy beginning the contact, it’s the girl who does.  And for some reason, that’s proven to make the site more of a place to find relationships instead of hookups.


I agree that, as you get attached, hookups just aren’t going to be your thing.  Try out Bumble and see if that works better for you.  And if not, ask around about other apps and websites.


But in the meantime, as long as you’re on Tinder, just make sure that you write in your profile “Not interested in hookups.”  You’ll get fewer texts, but the texts you won’t get are exactly the ones you don’t want!!


BEST OF LUCK my friend!  I’m hoping you find someone soon, and it’s all great, and then you start to freak out about something in the relationship – which means you have to write me about it!!!


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