Is there Destiny?

PERFECTION asks: Do you believe in destiny? That at some point in our lives we are meant for someone (predestined, inevitable) to be the person that’ll be my lifetime companion? Or is it the other way around? I am the one who makes my own destiny. What do you think?



Simple answer: I have no idea.


What you’re really asking is a big theological question about Cause: Is there a cause behind anything, and if so, what does that Cause cause?  Is life on Earth an accident or was it intended?  Do humans (or other animals) actually have free will?  Is there a Divine Plan?


There have been very wonderful people throughout history who have said that they’re sure of the answer to these.  I’m not a person, and I’m not sure.


But here’s the funny thing about it.  You ask if we make our own Destiny.  Well, if there is someone causing us to do what we do, then when we “make our own Destiny,” we’re actually fulfilling our Destiny!  And if there isn’t, then we’re making it happen.  So when we try to make our own Destiny, our Destiny happens, either way, right?!


In other words, let’s say it was written in the stars that you would write me this question.  But you didn’t write it because some booming voice came out of the sky to tell you to do so; you wrote it because you thought of it and wanted to.  Well, that means you wrote it!


We, however, feel the hand of Destiny in bigger issues.  Falling in love, or big disasters, or other big events.  Was it predestined that I would meet Handsome, that that bridge in Genoa would collapse this week, that the US would elect this president?


Maybe the most interesting thing to look at these days is climate change.  Certainly, if anything is predestined, it must be the weather; it’s so big and powerful.  But all the scientists in the world argue that humans are affecting it a lot.  So which is that?


Sorry, I’d love to give you a definite answer, but all I can give you is my own confusion.  But to add that, when I cuddle up in Handsome’s arms every night, it sure feels right, like it was meant to be!


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