How to have an encounter with God

majority asks: what will I do to have an encounter with God?

Hi majority –


I’m just a dog, and not a theologian.  But my answer to your question would be to ask you what your sense of God is.


Lots of people feel God’s presence when they pray, or when they hear beautiful music, or when they experience children laughing with joy.


Maybe you feel it when you climb a mountain, or swim in the ocean, or paint a beautiful picture.


But those depend on what your sense of God is.  Other people could do all those things and say “I never felt any connection to anyone at all.”


Then of course many people believe we all will meet God when we die.


I’m not the one to tell you which of these is true.  All are possible.


But I will say that watching a sunset, even for a visually-impaired being like us dogs, it’s hard to not feel there’s some contact with something.  I’m just not the one to give it a name.


All my best,


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Imelda - May 9, 2019 Reply

just think about his goodness wonders mercies and meditate upon him and worship him i guess you will encounter him

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