How to attract someone without letting them know you’re doing trying it

Spiky 401 asks: I like this dude. He is actually a Libra, as am I. I researched everything I can about my zodiac sign and it fit his description exactly. He convinced me into telling him I like him, and his reply was “aww I like you too,” but from there everything went back to normal conversation. I couldn’t understand what it or he means. He is very flirty, but one thing’s for sure – when he sticks to one person he is very devoted. I like him, I really do. How do I go about attracting this Libra dude without he really knowing I’m putting an effort to, and without talking to him – a way that will make him come to me instead of me going to him?

Hi Spiky 401 –


I have to confess, I don’t know a lot about Astrology.  We dogs are so affected by the skies, the stars, the earth, and the moon, that it’s hard to keep the effects of a single thing like a constellation straight.  But I checked up on Libras, and I see you folks are very nice, gentle, and loving, but have trouble saying “No” to people. Which of course fits with this guy’s “Aww, I like you too” line!


So to your question of how to attract him, I would imagine the best advice would be to not overwhelm him – deal with him in a way that allows him to be his gentle, kind self.  One thing I do know about male humans – they like feeling successful and achieving, and hate experiencing failure and disappointment.  So if you can find ways for him to feel good about helping you out in little ways, that will probably help.  And of course, any ways you can help him out will help too!


But to get him to actually “come to” you?  I think that will take a mixture of a lot of things.  First of all, finding out what attracts him of course is a good idea (Does he like girls in dresses or in jeans or in tough gear?).  Finding shared interests is always good.  But your best bet is to just be yourself, be friendly, and know that you’re attractive in yourself (that last part is always the hardest).


And that’s about all I can say for now.  When you find out more about him, let me know, and maybe I can help you more.  And who knows, maybe when this September/October rolls around, you two will be giving each other very wonderful birthday presents!



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