Should you stay in a relationship that ignores your wishes?

Rash asks: I’ve been in a relationship for the past 2 years with my boyfriend. But we are so different from each other. I like to share some special moments with him like dates, dinner, lunch, movies and all, but he never asks me for this. This makes me soo upset and unhappy in my life. I’m thinking about breaking up because I know he will never change. What should I do?

Hi Rash –



I think I’m a bit confused.  If you guys don’t have dates, dinners, lunches, or movies together… what exactly is your relationship?  If you’re living together I guess that’s something, but even then it sounds to me like two roommates who don’t really like each other much.


So what do you guys do together?  Watch sports?  Take hikes?  Eat breakfast?!


If you’ve been saying you want these other things, and he’s not responding, then yeah, this might well be a situation you’ll want to leave behind.  But if you haven’t, then that’s my main suggestion – to tell him what you’re feeling’s wrong, what’s missing, etc.


The important thing here is to look at this relationship as clearly as you can, and ask yourself what is it you need, and if he’s willing or able to give that.  And if the answer’s no, it sounds like you owe it to yourself to get free and find someone who likes the things you do.

Best of luck!


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