Is it best to travel with friends, or stay in school?

Cubcub asks: I had planned to go to another country with my best friend. Then I thought she would take her college studies here, so I processed my papers also to be a working scholar on a university because I thought we won’t be going. But things changed, my bff is going to go abroad. The problem is I am confused which should I choose – my scholarship here (which is very tiring and I am staying at my aunt and uncle’s house which is strict) or to resign here and grab the chance to go to another country, have a job, and earn income, which would really help my family?

Hi Cubcub –



We dogs aren’t all that smart, really.  And unless there’s a really clear difference between two choices (live in a dungeon being tortured or move to a pastoral home all-expenses-paid), it’s hard for me to choose for someone else.


But we pups are VERY good at reading people’s feelings.  And I don’t even think I’d have to be all that good at it to see – you want to go.  You want to be with your friend, you want to get a job and earn money, and you’d like to get out of the strict household.


But going would mean giving up on that scholarship.


Or would it?


Have you checked with the university to see if you could hold off for a year or two, and then still get the scholarship?  My guess is that they very well might say yes.  Then if they do, I think you could make the wonderful choice to go with your friend, make money, have a freer life, and then come back and do the scholarship.


There’s another argument for that as well – although humans tend to want to get education at the earliest age possible, I find that students who’ve lived some time in the ‘real world’ actually do better at universities than those who just push through.  They have a better sense of why they’re doing the work they are, and learning what they are, and often crave knowledge so much they study more than just what’s taught in the class.

So I’d say to check with the school and find out.  And maybe also find out if, if you come back for that scholarship, you’d be able to get discounted student housing, so you wouldn’t have to live in that strict home anymore, and could instead enjoy visiting your aunt and uncle when it’s convenient for all of you.


Hoping this works!


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