What besides studying are universities looking for?

shiraz asks: I am a sixteen-year-old girl. I’m studying sooooo hard to get a scholarship and go to Canada, because in Iran we don’t have any universities as good as theirs. I’ve really put my heart into it, because I think that the only way I can get in is to study and study and study. What do you think?

Hi shiraz –



You ask if the way to get into a good Canadian university is to study and study and study?  I completely agree.  In fact, you might want to add a few more “study and study”s to it!


The other thing I’d suggest, though, is that many western colleges and universities care a lot about other things as well as grades.  One of them is Diversity, and you should score great on that, just by the fact of coming from Iran.  But another one is Extracurricular Activities.  And along with all the studying, you probably should see if you can get a few of those going as well.


What do I mean by Extracurricular Activities?  Well, maybe there’s a school newspaper or yearbook you could work on?  Maybe there’s a sport you could excel in, and get really good at?  Or perhaps there’s some charity work you could do outside of school?


Any of these, and a thousand other projects, could just make you that necessary bit more attractive to schools.


But don’t hold back on the studying!  That’s always the most important part.


Good Luck!




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