How to handle getting injections

ktarr asks: We’re having injections at school I’m soo worried it will hurt. I know I’m gonna cry and look like a right baby in front of the other girls and then the boys (and my crush) who will see us afterwards.

Hi ktarr –


Oh I know just how you feel!  I hate injections too!  The only thing I hate even more is that my veterinarian has some vaccinations she sprays up my nose!  Remember dogs’ noses are way more sensitive than people’s, and oh do I HATE that!  But shots come in second.  And Handsome has always hated them too.  Hate Hate Hate them!!!


But then… there’s the issue of disease.  I hate getting sick too.  And of course, you’re in a very special situation, where you have to be as strong and healthy as you can, for your baby.


So here’s the only advice I can give.  Don’t look at the needle.  Look away, shut your eyes, even ask the doctor or nurse to hold it out of your sight.


It’s not enough (it still hurts, of course), but that will make you tense up less, so it won’t be quite as bad.


And if you shed a tear or two, that won’t be the end of the world.  Actually, it might make people find you more lovable.  (But a big screaming yelling fit… no, that wouldn’t be good!  Leave that to your kid!!!)


Good Luck!



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