How to care for fever in small children

Tikiri asks: How should we take care of a small child who is suffering from fever?

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In general, my view on fevers is that they’re not a terribly bad thing.  I figure the body is just trying to fight hard against something (germs, virus, etc.), and so builds up heat in the battle.  The most important thing to do is to keep feeding it fluids, so it can battle as well as possible.  Imagine you have an army fighting against an enemy; you would want them to have enough food and water, so they can be strong when things get heated, right?  So until the fever gets really crazy-hot, I’m in favor of letting it do its work, with lots of fluids to help all the processes along.


But I’m talking about grown-up humans there.  Small children are more delicate, more prone to high fevers, and thereby are a totally different situation.


I found a good website, giving a pretty clear Western-Medicine perspective on it:

I can easily imagine other healing viewpoints (acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, etc.) to be equally valid, depending on what you like to follow.


But no website is going to be as good as seeing an actual doctor, and getting their wisdom, based on examining that child.  So take a look at this website, and see if that’s enough.  And if it is, that’s great.  But if not, be sure and get that kid in to see a doctor right away.


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