What is a Pack?

sandy9932 asks: What is a pack?

Hi sandy9932 –


A pack, in general, is any group or bundle of things, usually contained.  A pack of matches, a backpack, etc.


But when it comes to animals, “Pack” is a reference to a group of certain sorts of beasts.  If you have a group of fish, it’s called a “school;” birds are called a “flock;” but coyotes, wolves, and dogs, when they collect, form a Pack.


In nature, packs are very powerful things.  Wolves hunt in packs so they can attack animals far bigger than they are; Dogs stay in packs to protect each other and their young.  If you are a dog lover, you might find that if you have one or two pet dogs, they behave a certain way, pretty individually.  But if you get a third or fourth dog, their personalities will change a bit.  Although they will still view you as the leader, they’ll start acting more as a group.  Their instincts are leading them to form a pack!


Now if you’re asking about my Pack, that’s a little different!  My Pack is like a society or club, of people who have signed up to join me here.  Joining my Pack gives them the right to ask questions on the AskShirelle.com website, as well as getting them some goodies (a special picture of me, I’m proud to say!) and The Pawprint, my monthly newsletter!


But you already know that – because you had to join it to ask that question!


So I hope that helps.  If there’s anything I didn’t explain, let me know and I’ll get back to you on it.



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atif - December 18, 2012 Reply

A pack, in general, is any group or bundle of things, usually contained. A pack of matches, a backpack, etc.

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