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Tweety asks: I’m 14 years old – What’s your advice on dating and stuff?

Hi Tweety –


Oh there’s so much to say about dating, too much for a clear answer.  I can point you to a few of my favorite postings, though.  Maybe these will help you.  Just use the search box on this page to find:


–       Smokey’s question “When and how should teens date?”

–       Duchess07’s question “How much is okay to touch someone, or be touched?”

–       HarrietteS’s question “How should I deal with it if my date wants to do more than I do?”

–       Avrilox26’s question that starts “A guy from my school (but with 1 class “bigger”) noticed me a while ago…”

–       Sweetparker’s question that starts “I am 13 years old.  When I started high school, I fell in love with F.”

–       Harshita’s question that starts “I am really a nervous girl.”


There are lots of others too, but those should give you a general sense of my viewpoints (here’s a hint – like most dogs, I love jumping up and kissing people I like!).


All my advice, though, can be summed up in one sentence – Be safe, and have a lot of fun!


Let me know if you have any questions you don’t find answers to there!




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