How to handle anxiety at University

Eiei asks: I feel sad now, because my friends do not listen to what I say or look at me. Stress falls on me at University, because my mind runs away from me and I can’t understand what the teachers explain. Please help me. How will I train my mind to be constant?

Hi Eiei –


It sounds to me like you’re suffering from really bad anxiety.  That’s what it’s called when you worry so much that it gets in the way of everything, from your friendships to your work.


Anxiety is likely to come up at a University about as frequently as it does in Veterinarians’ offices, and for much the same reason – you students and we dogs are both put in a place “for our own good” where we’re being judged and tested, which doesn’t feel good at the time, and can lead to some really awful endings!  Now when I’m in the Vets’ office, the only way I can relax is to go to sleep and try to forget that I’m there.  Which of course, you can’t do at University – you need to be studying and working a lot!  So you need some other ways to reduce that anxiety.  Here are a few suggestions:


1)    Breathe!  Meditation is the best gift you can give yourself for this.  Take some time each day, close your eyes, and just breathe deeply.  If you like, you can also pray at this time, which can have wonderful healing powers.

2)    Exercise.  I know it sounds like the last thing you should be doing – how can you exercise when you’re falling behind in your classes?! – but good strenuous exercise is as good for the mind and mood as it is for the body.  Try to do some every couple of days at least.

3)    Journaling.  It’s really great to keep a diary, or have some other way of writing out your thoughts and feelings.  When those fears get an outlet, like onto a piece of paper, hopefully they won’t feel it’s so necessary to nag at you through your classes!

4)    And on a similar note, Drawing, Music, Dance – anything creative is really good for this.  Express yourself!  It’ll feel good and make you better at everything else!

5)    And Eiei, it sounds to me like it would also do you a lot of good to find a therapist at your University.  Someone to talk with about all your fears.  It doesn’t mean you’re ‘crazy’ or anything – stressing out at University is a sign of normality and sanity!  But your friends might just not be able to take in all you’re feeling, and if there are people in the University’s system who can, that would be really great.

6)    … and last but not least… if there’s any way you can…  Find yourself a dog!  We are the best anti-anxiety medicine there is!  Even if you can’t have your own dog at school, find a friend who has one, or even just walk around and see if you find a playful one living nearby.  Giving a scratch on the ears to a friendly pup, and getting a lick on the hand in return, just might be the best thing for all that’s ailing you!
Best of luck, I hope this all helps!




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