How to deal with terrible times

KayceeSimone asks: This year has been extremely hard for me. On the 22nd of Feb this year there was a major earthquake, which made me stress and stop eating. Following that, in July, my dad’s father passed away followed by his mother on October 31st. I am really struggling to come to terms with all this and it is affecting my health mentally, emotionally and physically, and also my schooling. Just recently, my mum split up with my step-dad. I have never had a stable home, and I’m getting close to every guy she’s with then she just takes that away from me. Just recently I have been bullied at school and got punched in the face. I’m at my wits end and I’m afraid I’m going to do something stupid! PLEASE HELP ME! I’M DESPERATE :,(

Hi KayceeSimone –

Sometimes life is nice.  Sometimes it’s absolutely grand.  Sometimes it’s grey and depressing.  And then sometimes it’s absolutely horrible.  And you’re living in that category right now.  I’m so sorry.  I wish I could just run over to your house and jump up on your bed and lick your face till all your tears were gone and you were giggling.

There’s no advice I can possibly give you to help with what you’re experiencing.  All you can do is survive this awfulness and move on to be able to enjoy your life when it gets better.

But I can give one very big chunk of advice on how to do that.  I don’t know where you live, or what your life is like, but I VERY strongly recommend you finding a therapist.  It doesn’t mean you’re crazy or weak; it’s that your LIFE is crazy right now, and you need someone who can help you work with all this craziness.  It’s simply too much for one person to handle by themselves.


In the meantime, although I often take a few days to respond, please know that I’m here and you can always write me about what you’re going through.  And you’ve been so supportive to other Pack Members in your postings, I would imagine a number of our members might feel supportive toward you too.

This is a time in life where that old adage “This Too Shall Pass” is really important.  And it’s true – there will be a day in the future when you’re happy, when you’re not losing those close to you all of a sudden, when people are treating you kindly… and when the ground stays in one place!  But this isn’t that day.  This is the total opposite day.  A day when I want you to treat yourself very very well. To listen to healing music, and reach out to friends who love you, and to – again – if you can, find a professional who specializes in helping people through times like this (it sounds like you have other family members who could also use some help right now).


But also, do take a walk when you can.  Who knows, maybe you’ll come across another nice dog, who will be happy to jump on you and lick you and tell you how great life can be, just the way I want to.  Or maybe a quieter one who’ll just lay its head down in your lap and look at you as if to say “I feel your pain, and I’m so sorry.  Can I make you feel better?”


Be strong, my friend.   It will get better.



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