How to prepare a play for school

4832456 asks: hi, I need to prepare a short play for prep. school as an activity. Can you help me ?

Hi 4832456 –


Well, as a pooch, I’m not a great expert on plays, but I know that the school plays that kids enjoy the most have usually been the ones they create themselves.  Could you create a ‘set-up’ for a play, and let the kids fill in the spaces themselves?  For example, come up with a group of characters, cast the kids in those roles, and give them a “place” to be interacting – and then see what happens?


If you need to do more, then I think the best thing would be to write the play yourself.  What do the kids in your class really care about?  Is there something that’s happened at school that’s affected people?  You could write about that.  Or else maybe you could write a play using characters that the class tends to like – from a popular movie or tv show.  Or if you want, you could write a play based on a good story you all read for class.


All these can work.  But the most important ingredient is that you all have fun.  Whatever you can write that will accomplish that… that is the best play you could possibly do!


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