Why would my ex’s new girlfriend be jealous of me

Lovelyme asks: I have a problem and I honestly don’t know what should I do. My ex boyfriend has a girlfriend he dated before me; however they got back together after we broke up. Every time I see them they are hugging up or she’s under him, and it’s irritating to see that. Sometime it makes me disgusted with the both of them. I’ve talked with her, but she never mentions him around me (except to whisper about him to other people, even my cousin). One time she posted a facebook status and I “liked” it and she wrote me telling me she wasn’t talking about me. I really don’t know what it is. Could it be that I’m jealous or that I still like him?

Hi Lovelyme –


I guess I see two things going on here.  First, your ex-boyfriend and this girl are going to an awful lot of trouble to show their relationship off, which makes me think there’s something insincere about it.  And the fact that she acts so weird to you about it makes me think she’s feeling the same.  I wonder if she worries about how he feels about you!  It’s amazing how relaxed people are with their ex’s exes when they feel secure in the relationship, and how NOT relaxed they are when they don’t!  But that’s their problem, not yours.


The other thing I see is odder, which is your question about your own feelings.  Lovelyme, I’m only a dog.  I’m a very very nice dog, but I’m not a mindreader!  The only one in the world who knows what you’re feeling is you!  Do you feel jealous?  Do you still like him?  It sounds like this girl thinks so, but what do you think?


Is it possible that she is suspicious, and is acting so much on that belief that she has you doubting your own feelings?  Or is she, maybe, right, and you actually are interested in winning him back?  If it’s the latter, then I understand why she feels the need to act these ways – showing off their romance, whispering to others.


Because after all, you’re a real threat!  I mean, you’re the one with “Lovely” in your name – and most likely you’re the only one who’s an Ask Shirelle Pack Member!  How can she hope to compete?!!!!




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Tiya Gaines - July 29, 2015 Reply

Hey I have the same problem
my ex boyfriend I still care for
we work together now. I’m his shift supervisor. But I’m still a little hurt over our broke up. But his new gurlfriend
inbox me on Facebook. I told her nicely I don’t want my ex. Should I tell her we work together I don’t have to follow him on Facebook. It hard being the better person

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