How to get rid of blackheads

mallory123 asks: How do you get rid of blackheads overnight?

Hi Mallory123 –

Well I have to admit, this question is outside my usual expertise.  Dogs don’t really get blackheads, and even if we did, they’d be covered up by our fur so no one would be bothered by them.

So I’ve done a bit of research on the subject.  And I learned a lot!  For example, I’ve always assumed that blackheads were mainly dirt that had lodged in the pores in people’s faces.  But they’re not.  Most adolescent skin problems stem from the person’s body producing excess oil in one place.  If the oil is behind a layer of skin, it’s called a “whitehead,” or “pimple.”  But if the oil is open to the air, the exposed part turns dark, and that’s a blackhead.

So, in response to your question, there are really two ways to get rid of blackheads:  remove them, and don’t let them get there in the first place.

To remove them, there are numerous methods recommended out there, but they all share two things in common:  Make sure the area is very clean, and treat it with warm moisture first.  That could be a washcloth soaked with hot water, or it could be a steam treatment – but whatever it is, make sure it’s not so hot you scald the skin!

Once you’ve cleaned the area and treated it with warm moisture, your skin should be soft and your pores should open slightly.  Then, you can remove the blackheads either by scrubbing with a good cleanser, or using a sort of tape called a Blackhead Strip that lifts them out, or using an actual Blackhead Remover (which you can find at beauty supply shops) to press them out.  You can squeeze them out using your fingers and fingernails, but there’s a far greater chance you’ll then cause more pressure and irritate the skin, which can end up causing MORE blackheads!

But overall, by far the best thing is to keep your skin clean.  Especially if you wear makeup, you want to clean it all out every night.  I’m not qualified to recommend different cleansers, but there’s lots of information out there about them, and of course there are lots of different types of skin, especially on teenagers.  One warning, though: if a cleanser dries your skin out, be sure to put some sort of moisturizer on afterward; otherwise your face will start producing extra oil to make up for the dryness, which will just make your problem skin more of a problem!


But of course, always remember, the best treatment to make any face more beautiful, though, is kisses.  From a parent, from a friend, from your boyfriend or girlfriend, or – best of all – from a voracious lick by an adoring canine.  Blackheads, whiteheads, or whatever, you’ll look gorgeous after receiving (or better yet, giving) a genuine friendly smooch!




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KayceeSimone - November 9, 2011 Reply

I have the same issue! and I get very selfconcious about it! a good and easy way is to mix baking sodaand water and out it on as a mask about once a week.

Also eat healthy, vitamin rich foods instead of snacks andsweets.

Good Luck

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