Whether Men or Women are more romantic.

Chrisfoxx asks: Between men and women, who is the most romantic?

Chrisfoxx, I don’t know if you realize this, but this is TOTALLY a trick question! Romantic-ness is absolutely in the “eye of the beholder.” So what seems romantic to one person is the complete opposite for another.

There are people who think it’s romantic to get flowers. Other people who say “that’s so traditional, it’s much more romantic to get told something beautiful and original,” and others who are more ‘turned on’ by being ignored! And when I say “people,” I mean both men and women!

I guess it’s pretty undeniable that women as a whole think about romance more than men do, but even that is a very broad statement, and doesn’t apply to all women or all men.

Some women think guys who call them three times a day and send chocolates and music and cards are romantic; others think those guys are Stalkers. Some men think it’s romantic for a woman to ask them out; others think those women are pushy and controlling. Some people think it’s romantic to be told everything the other person feels; others find that boring and want the other person to hold lots back to keep the romance exciting. Both are totally right.

So who’s most romantic? Anyone who treats you the way you want to be treated! Anyone who makes your heart flutter. Anyone who, when they’re doing what they think is romantic, makes you feel romantic!

When I was young, my perfect romance was an Akita-Chow mix named Kuma, who would wrestle and tussle with me for hours on end. Today, I love to lie on the floor and just swoon when Handsome practices playing the trumpet (and he’s just beginning, so the sounds are really weird). You might not find either of those things romantic. That’s okay. Everyone’s different.

But I will say, I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t find a candlelit dinner with great food romantic. It certainly works for me – at least as long as the candles aren’t too near my whiskers!

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