How shy people can approach their crushes

Harshita asks: I am really a nervous girl. I am feeling shy to ask even this question! If I love a guy, how will he know whether I love him or we are just friends?

Hi Harshita –

Well, first, I’d direct your attention to Sweetparker’s question about her confusion over two guys (it’s listed in Previous Questions, under Growing Up, Life Skills, Relationships, and School). I talk with her about ways to try to find out what a boy thinks of you.

But I want to throw a couple of other thoughts at you as well. First, know that there’s nothing wrong with being nervous and shy. Most boys think it’s really cute! The only problem is if you’re so shy you can’t even approach the boy. For example, Handsome had his first crush on a girl when he was ten years old. He never had the guts to even meet her. The only words he ever said to her were when he accidentally stepped on her foot once, and blushingly stuttered out “Oh, excuse me, sorry!” Well you can guess just how well that romance worked out! I’ll bet she never even knew he existed!

But there’s no point in pretending you’re not shy. The trick is to figure out what you can do! Is there a way you two can talk? Maybe about a class you’re in together, or about something he’s doing (one thing about boys and girls – both like to talk about themselves!).

And one other thing here – you ask how will he know whether you love him, or are you just friends. Are you sure you want him to know you love him? Maybe if it turned out he was interested in someone else, it would be embarrassing to you for him to know that. So I’d suggest first that you get to know him, and get him to know you, and see if he shows any interest. If he does, then you can let him know what you feel. And if he doesn’t, you can walk away with lots of attitude, wagging your tail, your head held high and your ears flopping in the wind, and not remotely letting that beautiful German Shepherd have the faintest idea of what you…

Oops, sorry. Kinda started talking about myself there! But YOU also can walk away in a way that he never knows what you felt. And sometimes, just maybe, it’s when you walk away that he suddenly wakes up and says “Hey, you know, that Harshita doesn’t need me at all, and she’s kinda cute!”

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chupa chup - May 18, 2011 Reply

Hi, I’m Chupa Chup and if i loved a guy how would he know if i loved him or if we were just friends as well…
and i think i do love a guy and i think he feels the same way!

    Shirelle - May 21, 2011 Reply

    Hey that’s great Chupa Chup! So now comes the fun and scary part — how do you find out for sure how he feels?! Maybe get a friend to ask him if he likes anyone? Or try hanging around him and see how he reacts? Or you could do what I do – just jump on him and lick his nose. But it seems that dogs get away with that a lot more than people!!

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