Do mothers love their children when they do wrong things.

Ashram asks: Do mothers love their children even if they do wrong things?

Oh Ashram, I can only imagine the responses mothers must be screaming when they read your question! But the answer is pretty simple, really.

There are different kinds of love we feel. You can love some things about someone and hate or fear other things about them at the same time. You can get so mad at someone that you don’t even like them at all, but still love them at the same time. Handsome has gotten so mad at me I thought he was going to throw me over his fence. He’s gotten so mad at times that he’s even, for a moment, forgotten how incredibly much he loves me. But the truth is, he has always loved me as deeply as his heart goes. Just as I’ve always loved him.

The natural connection between a human mother and her children is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. You’ve probably heard stories of small weak women lifting up cars to get their kids out from beneath them. And while this connection is very different from the way we, say, love a movie or a song, the fact is we call it Love.

Now of course there are exceptions; some mothers are shut-down, or even mentally ill. But in general, I’ll say that there is no love in the world stronger than the love a mother has for her children. And while she might get madder than a hornet in a barbecue grill at those kids, at the same time, she would give up her life for any one of them in a second, gladly.

And sometimes a person can do something so awful that their mother turns her back on them, or turns against them. But I can tell you that even when that happens, she loves them. She will always love her children more than anything there is.

So when you ask if mothers still love their children even if they do wrong things, I want to ask, “Wow, what did you do?!” Because you must have done something pretty awful to even be asking this question!

But whatever it is you, or anyone else, has done, I can almost guarantee: the answer is Yes. A mother will love her babies after the pains of childbirth, she’ll love them through all sort of diaper changes and sleepless nights, she’ll love them through the “terrible twos” and embarrassing bratty behaviors and teenage rebellion, she’ll love her children after they befriend and date and marry people she can’t stand.

So yes, she will probably love her children after anything! But watch out! If she’s mad, she might show that love with a lot of screaming and yelling and breaking of plates! Or even throwing you over the fence!!

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Jatin - June 4, 2013 Reply

I differ. MY mother loves my dad more than anything.
Its wrong to assume who a woman loves more, and I am proud of their love for each other.
Yes, she loves me unconditionally but I know she loves my father more.

    Shirelle - June 4, 2013 Reply

    Great Point!

AudreyKimberly146 - June 21, 2013 Reply

Well Ashram, as long as you know, when I was younger, I thought kids were just like dolls for parents. If the kids were behaving well, they would love us. But if kids behaved unwell, they would shout at us like mad people, punish us and like, throw us into the garbage can! You can see your mother’s full heart if you get to read your Mom’s diary from when she was pregnant. She will certainly have written, “I can’t wait for my newborn baby.” Or, you could ask your mother nicely if she loves you or not. About me, well, I saw my mom’s diary from when she was just in college. She wrote that she couldn’t wait to marry and have children. And she wrote that her child will be her seed and make her perennial. She believed that the world would appreciate her kids and her as a mother, so she must be proud! So, Ashram, even when your mother yells at you, it’s just a warning to be a behaved child. Be a positive thinker, Ashram. I hope I helped you.

    Shirelle - June 21, 2013 Reply

    I love what AudreyKimberly146 wrote, but… everyone out there, be sure to ASK PERMISSION before you read your mother’s (or anyone else’s) diary! I can tell you, being kicked out of the house to sleep in the back yard on a cold rainy night is NOT FUN!!!

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