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Shrek asks: How can I be romantic to my girlfriend?

Hi Shrek –


Well, first I’d have you look at my answer to ChrisFoxx’s question about who is more romantic, women or men (you can find it in the category of Relationships).


As I explain there, it really depends on the girlfriend.  If you can find out what she likes, that’ll be the best way.  Maybe you can ask some friends of hers what she’s told them, or perhaps you can just listen really closely to see if she drops any hints.


But here are a few ideas that usually work:

1)    As I suggested to ChrisFoxx, candlelit dinner!

2)    Write her a romantic letter or poem, telling what you really feel about her.

3)    Make a spontaneous plan to do something she really likes.  Grownups might plan a trip somewhere; as a kid you could find out when her favorite singer is coming to town, or buy tickets in advance for a movie she is looking forward to.

4)    And last and maybe biggest – find a hundred ways to tell her you like her and her looks.  If you tell her “I love you, you look great” every day, it starts to sound like a recording.  But if you say one day “I love you” and another “You mean the world to me” and another “It always makes me so happy just to see you,” and another “Hey you smell great, can I jump on you and lick your back and sniff your behind and…”  Oops, there I go again.  I just HAVE to remember, humans can’t get away with those things!!


The good thing is, if she really likes you, just your trying will be the most romantic thing she could possibly receive.


Good Luck!


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Sophie - May 16, 2011 Reply

Hi, I’m Sophie and i know just how you can be romantic to your girlfriend give her little cuddles all of the time so she feels safe and knows that youll help her when she needs you and give her little gifts so she knows you care…
I hope this comes in handy!

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