How to find a long-lost best friend

Wisky asks: I was having a best friend, but now I am not in touch with her; what should I can do to contact with her?

Thanks Wisky!
You know, I’m not sure if you mean that you and your friend have just lost contact, or if something bad happened to your friendship. If it’s just that time and distance have separated you, then you’re in luck – all you need to do is to sniff her out. Do you know where she is? If not, you’ve got something great that no one had until about ten years ago, which is the Internet. If you did a search for her, you might be able to find out where she is (if you don’t know how to do that, just ask a parent or older friend to help you). You could also do the “old-school” method by phoning Information and asking them to help you her.
But if it’s the other way, if something has hurt your friendship, then I’ve got to admit: this is one of those areas that we dogs just never find ourselves in. If someone badly hurts us lots of times, then sure we’ll avoid them out of fear. But otherwise, once we like someone, we like them forever. We never decide to just not be friends. We never just stop talking. And if we ‘lose touch’ with anyone, that just means we’re not lucky enough to meet up. And then the next time we do meet up we just go crazy over them – sniffing, licking, chewing, climbing all over them… that’s how we do it, and really it’s one of the ways we’re simply smarter than people!

But you don’t need to hear me brag. You want to hear about how to somehow fix whatever went wrong with your friendship. Maybe you had an argument, or a fight? Or one of you decided you two shouldn’t be together as much as you were. And if that’s the case, then you need to decide two things: First, what sort of relationship do you want to have with her. And second, what do you need to do for her to let you back into her life.
Maybe you want to be best friends again. Maybe you just want to talk over old times. Maybe you simply want to find out what she’s like today. All of those are fine, but you really should make up your mind before you try to reach her.
Because if something went wrong with your friendship, then there’s something she’ll need from you before she trust you again. Maybe you just need to apologize for something. Maybe you need to explain why something happened. Or maybe you need to forgive her for something she did. Or, as so often is the case, you need to do a mixture of all three.

Regardless, the truth is that we all need all the real friends we can get. And we hate losing our friends, especially our best and closest ones. So most likely she will be as happy as a puppy to hear from you, and to know that you want to be friends again. And if it takes a bit of work to get you two to trust each other enough for that to happen, then I’ll bet it’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay worth it!
Good Luck!

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