Why it hurts when our best isn’t enough

Asmaok asks: Why is it that what hurts me most is when I can not give more than my best?

Wow, Asmaok, it sounds to me like you’re just a great person with a wonderful work ethic. For those who don’t know, “Work Ethic” means that you really value how good a job you do on the tasks you do. Like a student who doesn’t like to turn in work that isn’t really good, or an adult who doesn’t like to be lazy.
The problem is that, as good as a Work Ethic is, it can become too much, and it can get you feeling bad instead of good. The trick to handle this is simple: Give Yourself a Break!
For example, I think my most important job is Squirrel Control. I spend most of my day waiting around the house, listening to hear if any sassy squirrels come running around, dropping acorns in the yard, jumping from tree to tree, or even barking at me. Now I’m really good about keeping them in line, but sometimes I just can’t! Maybe Handsome takes me away from the yard, or maybe I’m asleep, or… just anything! And when it happens, oooooooooh I get mad, because I always try to do my best, and it’s just not enough! But then I have to let it go. Because the truth is, nobody’s perfect. We all think we should be, but it’s simply impossible! And I just can’t catch every squirrel out there!
And in the long run, here’s the real truth, Asmaok. Your best IS good enough. Whatever it is, if you give your best to what you believe in (whether it’s schoolwork or your job, or an important cause like saving the environment, feeding the hungry, or controlling squirrels), then that makes you a great great being. And if your best isn’t enough to achieve all you want (like, say, there’s still pollution, there are still hungry people, or squirrels are still obnoxious), that just means it’s such a big issue, there’s more work to do, and you’re just the person to do it.
And I have another important point here: The bad feeling you have about not doing enough – that feeling is USELESS! In fact, that bad feeling will get in the way of you doing the good things that you’d otherwise be doing if you weren’t feeling bad! (Confusing, isn’t it!)
So when that hurt comes, just remind yourself of these two things: First, the reason you feel bad is because you care, and that makes you great. And second, to tell that bad feeling to just go away, so that you can get back to doing your very best.
Speaking of which, I gotta go. Someone’s scurrying on our roof, so it’s time for me to get barking!!

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