How it feels when you move or change your home

Nasim asks: Have you ever wanted to change your home?

Hi Nasim –
Well, there are two ways I could read your question. Do you mean have I ever wanted to move into a different home, or have I ever wanted to do changes to the home I have now? Although the answer is kind of the same.
If it’s the first, then my first answer is YEAH!!! When I was a puppy, I spent about five days and nights living in a dog pound, and I wanted to get out of there more than I can possibly tell you! It was cold and hard and really scary! I was the happiest dog in the world when Handsome took me out of there, and any time I’ve ever gone to anywhere that felt like that (like when I’ve had to stay at the veterinarian’s office overnight in a cage), it’s always scared me a lot, because I feel like I’m back in that pound. Every day I give Handsome a special lick to tell him that I remember what it was like there, and that I appreciate the fact that he took me out so much!
But after we’d lived together a few years, Handsome did move houses once, and of course I had to move with him. And this time, I didn’t understand what was going on, and this scared me quite a bit. Everything we had was being moved around and put in boxes and such, and… You see, dogs really like things to kinda stay the same. We don’t like change a lot. Now, once we’d been in the new home a few days, I was totally fine, and it became my favorite place, just like the old one had been. But at first… it kind of creeped me out!
And similarly, when Handsome’s repainted walls, or brought in new furniture, I haven’t liked the change at first. But after a few days (once the new smells wear off), I’ve been pretty happy with it all.
But now, if I could make some changes in our home, oh boy would I love that! First thing I’d do is put a doggy door on the refrigerator, so I could go inside it any time I wanted! Then I’d put some sticky stuff on the ground outside so any sassy squirrels or curious cats would get stuck there and I could get to them and have a little chat with them about manners! Then I’d put new locks on the gates that only I could control, so that when Handsome wants to leave me alone all day to go to work, I can lock him in, and he’ll stay home and play with me all day instead!
Now THAT’s what I’d call Home Improvement!!

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