How do we move past our flaws to self-acceptance?

Soumyaguna asks:

We all should be brave enough to accept our flaws, at least with ourselves we can be true. We always tend to have a fear of people judging us, which gradually becomes an unconscious state and being in that longer we forget what we actually are ! We shouldn’t care about what other people think or would say to us, because the truth is they are not going to be a part of your life, your sufferings, your pain, your struggle or any of these. 

Honestly, I have been very grateful about where I have reached today but I’m not satisfied. I deal with a lot of stress, anxiety and unhappiness with my work due to some situations with which I’m not comfortable dealing with but I am. 

I am just fed up dealing with situations, people, their mood, their anger, and not caring about the other person when going through the same.

Today, I’m writing this to share my space with you or someone who listens to me every time I want to say but find no one around. .

I guess we all need that one person who can just hear us out !

Hi Soumyaguna –

I fully understand where you’re coming from.  I find that this stupid virus has wreaked havoc on humanity, and whatever anyone’s flaws were before it just seem more so now:  the intolerant are more intolerant, the cruel are crueler, the angry are angrier.  (And as Handsome will gladly tell you, the bad drivers are way worse too!)

I’m here to talk about whatever you like.  But I will caution you about one thing you said.  Sure it’s great to be brave enough to accept your flaws, but if at times you catch yourself not doing so, please don’t beat up on yourself about it.  This is a tough time for everyone.  And you have enough people judging and criticizing you without you adding in. 

I know it sounds like I’m saying just what you were, but I’m taking it to another level here.  Not only is it important to accept your own flaws, but also be sure to accept your occasional failing at doing so! 

I don’t know exactly what lies on the other side of this strange time, but I’m optimistic that it’ll be very very good – as long as you humans let it be!

Thank you!


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