What to do when you have trouble trusting a new boyfriend

Maya asks: I met a guy, he says that he loves me and also willing to start a new life with me, this guy has one kid, but not in a marriage status, and the kid is free to visit both sides, either to see the mum or dad. This guy is 35-37 years I guess not really sure but from the look I can tell. I am young, and I like him, because whenever we get to talk and share some things it just feels good, and it brings a natural feeling of inspiration, and whenever we get to see each other, we evolve happiness. But one thing I don’t like about him – he seems not to be honest and truthful. So Shirelle what step should I make or take to know that am in the right track?

Hi Maya –

            So sometimes I get a complex question, like the one you sent, and have a tough time answering it because there are so many aspects to what I want to say.

            This isn’t one of those!

            You’ve just met this guy.  You don’t know whether to trust him, or even know his exact age!  It’s WAY too soon to marry him, or really to even talk about it.  So your job is to just do exactly what you have been doing, and don’t let him stop you.

            What do I mean by that?  Well, first, enjoy him – you’re having a great time and there’s no reason not to continue that.  But second, listen to those voices inside you that aren’t so trusting.  What is it about him that makes you doubt his trustworthiness?  Maybe you’re wrong, but maybe you’re right.  And until you find out, there’s no reason in the world why you should move to another stage in your relationship. 

            And third – just keep learning more about him, and letting him find out more about you.  Maybe he won’t be as interested in marrying you if he finds out that you can’t go to sleep without watching three reruns of Charmed, or maybe you’ll find you like him even better when you learn that he spent five years volunteering to help stray pups. 

            I’m not saying this relationship is good or bad, or anywhere in between.  What it is is currently delightful, and worth pursuing.  And it’s in that pursuing that you two learn all that really matters about each other. 

            And another point about this – it’ll be better for his child if you two take things slowly.  Get to know that kid, and build a relationship with them.  That matters a lot.

            Also, if it’s possible, getting to know the kid’s mother would be fantastic.  Both so that you two could get along as well as possible, but also — she might be able to tell you some interesting things about this man!  Not necessarily awful stuff, but perhaps some things that might help you out in your deciding.

            But overall, Maya, my main message to you is simple:  Keep things slow, and don’t make any long-term decisions until YOU are ready, and feel comfortable about everything.

            Hoping it goes great!


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