What to do when someone you like sends you mixed signals

Itsxabi asks: I like a girl. Recently she said she doesn’t like me, and said that I’m taking all of her space, and blocked me on almost all social media. After about a week she called me up and asked how I am doing?! I really like this girl – how to fix everything up?

Hi Itsxabi –

Well, I guess I have two answers for you.  First, she does sound a bit… well, odd.  She shuts you out, and then calls you?  So I’m not telling you who to like or not, but I guess I would warn you that this might be the way she keeps treating you.  And if so, I hope you can find the strength to take care of yourself, even if that means breaking up.

But number two, to your actual question, how to fix everything up?  My friend, it sounds like that’s already done!  She called YOU! 

So what I’d really like you to do is to respond to her call as if nothing was wrong, chat about lots of things, and if you feel like it, ask her out.  Perhaps she’ll show up and be great and everything will be wonderful.  And perhaps she’ll shut you down again.

But either way, if you’ve acted with friendliness and confidence, you’ll have nothing to be embarrassed about.  And how she responds will tell you a lot about how she’ll be in the future.

So know you’re worth it, and go for some glory here!

Wishing you the best of luck!


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