What to do when you keep getting left by boyfriends or girlfriends.

cuteprincess asks: My first boyfriend ditched me, and now second one also ditched me, so I can’t express my feeling. It’s so bad –so what can I do now? I miss my first love/boyfriend more than the current one. Should I forget both? If so, how?

Hi cuteprincess –

I am SO SORRY about your bad luck with these guys!  That stinks!  I hate getting left by anyone – even when it’s just Handsome going away for a few hours – so being completely left must hurt like blazes!

In fact, your situation reminds me of my friend Aria, a beautiful German Shepherd mix who was abandoned by two owners.  And I mean literally they had her in their home, and decided they didn’t like her and sent her away, not letting her in anymore.  Now put yourself in her shoes and see how your heart feels!!

Now she just gave up on people altogether, and went to live in the wild, till some people found her and coaxed her into coming with them – it took them days – and now she lives in a really nice home with a human who adores her.  But it took her over a year to really trust him.  Such a tough past!

So it makes sense to me that, having been hurt by the more recent boyfriend, you’d start to think the first one was better.  But the fact is, both guys ditched you, and because of that,

neither is really worthy of you.  Like me, and like Aria, you deserve someone who will stick around, someone who will work to make you happy, someone who can love you.

I’m not saying to forget these guys; I’m sure you can’t.  But I am saying that I’d love to see you put your attention on getting someone else, someone better.

But maybe there are some lessons you can learn from those two relationships.  Are you drawn to guys who don’t stay?  Was there something you did that made them lose interest?  Could you have done something to keep them?

But once you’ve answered those questions, then yeah, I’m all for finding someone new.  And just as the second guy’s abandonment made you forget how the first one hurt you, maybe this new person’s love will make you forget the love you felt for both of these guys.

And that part-forgetting might be just what you most need!

All My Best,


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