How to help your friend pursue their own dreams

Danish asks: The girl whom I love is in a little trouble. She wants to do photography but her parents are forcing her to study medicine. But can you please tell me how can she become a professional photographer?

Hi Danish –

Boy I wish I could help.  Any photographers I’ve ever dealt with just got their work by submitting photo after photo to magazines, TV shows, websites, anyone, till they sell some.  And I’m sure studying it helps, especially if the teacher has contacts in the business who can help her along.

But beyond that, I really don’t know much about that world.  Her best bet is to talk with any teachers she can.

And I will add – just because her official study is in medicine, that doesn’t mean she can’t take a photography class or two, and connect with the faculty and other students in it.  Lots of students major in a “serious” profession while working on their artistic dreams.  

Just off the top of my furry head – Michael Crichton (the great science fiction writer, creator of “The Andromeda Strain,” “Jurassic Park,” and the TV show “E.R.”) and George Miller (the amazing director of the “Mad Max” movies and “Happy Feet”) went through medical school and became doctors, before their explosive artistic successes.

So my big advice to her is to go for her dreams, even if she keeps obedient to her parents!

All my best,


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