Do love letters work?

PERFECTION asks: Do love letters work? I mean do they make a difference somehow?



What a funny question!  You’ve written me some WONDERFUL comments, and I’ve told you how happy they make me.  So you KNOW love letters work!


But I’m guessing you’re meaning a different sort of “work.”  When you write me, all you want is to express your appreciation of my thoughts (or maybe how cute I am, which is very very legitimate – Handsome tells me all about it every day!).  But you don’t really want anything more  from me.  But if you write a love letter to someone you’re interested in romantically, for it to “work,” you want it to win over their heart, make them interested in you, make them fall in love!


So do they work for that?


Well… they can.  There are innumerable stories throughout human history of letters winning over someone’s heart.  But I’m sure there are at least as many of them not  working.


What’s the difference?


Well, I’d mainly assume it has to do with the person receiving the letters.  Whenever Handsome has people over to our house, I run up to them, lick their hand, let them pet me, wait for them to sit down, and then instantly run and grab a toy and bring it to them so they can play with me.  Maybe they’ll toss it for me to fetch, maybe pull on it for tug-of-war, and maybe they’ll just hold onto it and pet me.  But of course, some people just hate this.  They don’t want to play with me or pet me – they just want me to leave them alone.  So either I figure that out quickly, or Handsome takes me outdoors.


My suggestion would be to start small, if you’re not sure.  Write that person a letter that says something like “Just want to tell you how great it is to know you,” or “Have to say, that outfit you were in today looked just great!” and see how they react.  If they ignore it, or express annoyance, don’t bother them with any more of that.  But if they say ‘What a sweet thing to say!” or “I feel the same about you!” then sure, you could try for further.  And who knows, you might just make them swoon!


After all, when I bring a toy to some people, they just melt, “What a sweet sweet puppy!  I’d love to play with you!”  And that’s always worth trying!




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