Should you meet with an ex while in a relationship?

The little one asks: I have a boyfriend whom I fought with some days ago. We love each other but we fight a lot. Then I got a message from my ex-boyfriend whom I left for my current boyfriend. And when I talked with my ex, I kind of felt very happy. I really want to go meet him. But I don’t know whether this is correct or not. Please suggest.

Hi The little one –



I really can’t say what you need to do, because I don’t know enough about your relationship, or your current boyfriend.


In some relationships, no one would mind at all if the other met up with their ex – especially if it was in an innocent scenario like meeting for lunch in public.  But in other relationships, that would be looked at as cheating, and grounds to break up.


So I’d say to ask yourself a few questions, and then choose.


First, what was that fight about?  If it was about your boyfriend feeling jealous, then anything you do (like meeting your ex) is just going to add to his argument, and go very badly.  But if it was about politics or backseat driving or something, maybe that’s not a problem at all.


Second, is he generally a jealous guy?  Suspicious?  If so, then you’d be asking for trouble.  But if he’s not, then it might not matter at all.


Third, are you  a jealous person?  Do you get angry at him for talking to other girls?  Well, if so, then he might think it’s really hypocritical for you to meet your ex.  But if you’re a free spirit who’s cool with him hanging with his exes, it might be okay.


And fourth – was the fight so bad you’re not sure you want to continue the relationship?  And if so, are you thinking your ex was nicer and better, and that you might want to go back to him?  Well, if that’s the case, then meeting with him might be a very good idea.  But you do also say you love your current boyfriend, so breaking off the relationship might be a really painful awful thing to go through.


I’m sorry I can’t offer something more definite.  But my little doggy brain can’t answer your question without knowing about all these.


Either way, GOOD LUCK!  I hope it works out the best way possible!



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