Can someone be too good for you?

PERFECTION asks: My friends always told me that I shouldn’t even try to be with this girl. They say she’s too good for me as she’s perfect, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. Should I be worried that she’s too good for me? And also, Is there even such a thing about money defines to whom are we going to be with?



We talked before about what I consider perfection, and what you consider perfection.  But now you’re talking about social status.


Some people are considered very good-looking, and so only want to date people also considered very good-looking.

Some people are super-popular, and only want to date other popular people.

Some people have a lot of money, and so only want to date other people who have money.

And then there are cross-overs.  A great athlete marries a popular actress, a rich man always has young beautiful women around him, etc.


I can’t pretend that these scenarios don’t exist.  They do.  In high school, in regular life, and all the way up to royalty and presidencies.


So your friends might be right to want to protect you from getting rejected by her, because of whatever reasons there might be.


But you’ve told me something very different about her before.  You told me she’s intelligent, and responsible, and good.


Which makes me wonder… just maybe… if she’s able to look at a person through other eyes than those of those shallow values.


And of course I don’t know her at all.  But I can sure tell from what you’ve written that she’d be smart to go out with you.  Someone who’d treat her with such honor and respect and adoration.  (Or maybe a better way to say it is that, if I were her mother or father, you’re exactly  who I’d want her to go out with!).


The only way you’ll be able to find out is to try, I’m afraid.  And then, even if she says no, at least you’ll know you had a quality that is right up there with responsibility and intelligence and goodness… you showed her, and your friends, and yourself, that you are truly brave.


Which might be its own reward here.




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