Is it a weakness to be an optimist

PERFECTION asks: I’m the kind of person full of positive vibes. I always tell myself “I can do it” regardless what it is, as long as I believe in myself. Not only to myself but I’m also injecting positivity to people I know and to everyone who needs it. Sometimes I also tend to give ideas that could help them see things the other way around. I’m not actually a seer though, I’m just trying to help them; they may never do what I did, but who am I to judge. Everyone has its own different pathways in life. I always wonder, being a positive person like me, defying all the negativity in life, all those words I hear like “you can’t do it” and “it’s impossible” seem to give me even more courage to push through. So what do you think is my greatest weakness?



Well as you can guess, you’re talking to a mirror here.  I’m very much that positive spirit too, and have this website just so I can give that to others.


Which leads me to ask… why do you even need to know what your “greatest weakness” is?  I mean, I can say what the weaknesses are in living “glass half-full,” but isn’t part of the joy of positivism not focusing on what’s wrong?


Having said that, your question reminds me of one of Handsome’s favorite movies, Bride of Frankenstein.  Early in it, a man suggests a friend join him in a drink, “Have some gin.  It’s my only weakness.”  Later he offers someone a smoke, “Have a cigar.  They’re my only weakness.”  So I love to say squirrels are my only weakness, pizza is my only weakness, and tummy-rubs are my only weakness.  I sure have no way to figure out which one is my greatest one though!


Many would say that the great weakness of a positive attitude is blindness to the negative.   And I’d agree that it can be.  Sort of.

Handsome has saved my life many times by not letting me run across a street to chase a cat, when I would have been run over by a car.  But I’d argue that it’s not my positive attitude about the cat that would have been the problem, but my inability to judge cars.

Similarly, if you go out and spend money you don’t have because “Oh I’m sure I’ll get more tomorrow,” that’s probably kind of stupid.  But if you spend it on something that’s worth you getting in debt (say an education, or a wedding ring if things work out with that girl you’ve been thinking about!), then I wouldn’t call that bad at all – as long as you’re aware that the debt is coming, and you’ll have to spend a while paying it off.

Maybe the other possible “greatest weakness” is that you’ll annoy people.  Negative-minded people can get really bothered by someone being positive all the time.  And even I can understand that.  Handsome told me about a woman he knew at school who was arguing that everything is always for the best.  Someone asked her, “What about Hitler?!” and she answered “Yes he did many bad things, but think of all the beautiful music and movies and other things that came out of that war,” and everyone around her exploded in fury – and I sure understand why!


So maybe my best argument would be that you need to temper your positivism.  Be aware of the consequences of actions, and aware of how you’re affecting others, and maybe there won’t be any weakness at all.  (For example, imagine if that woman had said “There are always positive aspects, even to the worst things.”  Then she wouldn’t have been so offensive and hurtful to those around her.)


Now beyond that, you may well have many other weaknesses.  And if they’re along the lines of squirrels, pizza, and tummy-rubs, I hope you do!  And may you find more and more as your positivity takes you forward!




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