How to get someone you like to want to keep talking with you

thelittleangel asks: A guy I like goes to a different school. I started talking to him today over text (since it’s summer) and I had an amazing conversation with him and I think he’s finally interested in talking to me since he would reply fast and ask questions of his own. How can I get him to keep wanting to talk to me? And maybe even text me first?

Hi thelittleangel –



Well, my easy first answer is “Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing great!”


But I do have one other thought. Have you ever heard of Scheherazade? I don’t know whether she was an actual person or not, but legend has it that she was to spend a night with a king, who was known for having a woman a night, then killing her, then having another the next night. When it was her night, though, she came up with the great idea of telling him a story, but cutting it off right at the most exciting part. This way, he needed to keep her alive so he could hear the rest of it the next night. She kept doing this for 1001 nights. At this point, he was so in love with her, he made her his queen. Her stories are now referred to as The Arabian Nights or The Thousand and One Nights, and include many the whole world loves, like Aladdin and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.


Now I certainly hope this guy you like isn’t quite as bloodthirsty as that king! But just like Scheherazade, you have a strong interest in keeping him interested. So maybe you can take a hint from her, and have delightful conversations with this boy, but always leave him curious, wanting more. The occasional “Oh I have to go, my friend just wrote me with an emergency. Can we talk tomorrow?” will almost guarantee that he’ll write. Or you’re telling him about the funniest thing that happened today, but just before you get to it, “Whoops, sorry, gotta go! Later!”


Now if you do this too much, he’s certain to catch on, so I wouldn’t say to do it every day. But a bit of this is great.


And of course, I’m guessing you’d also like to have contact with this guy beyond texting. So how do you get that? Well, hint-dropping never hurt. “I sooooooo wanna see Incredibles 2, the first was like my favorite movie as a kid!” just might encourage him to ask you out to it. Or “There’s nothing I love more than pizza!” (Though I tell Handsome that on a daily basis and he almost never takes me out for it!)


It really comes down to two tricks, thelittleangel. First, put some effort into keeping him interested and curious, like Scheherazade. But secondly, trust that you’re already interesting. He’s shown he thinks you are! Be confident, and make him come to you just a bit, while letting him know you’re friendly.


Oh and if you have a dog, you could always tell him how wonderful that pooch is. Then he’ll just have to find a way to meet your four-legged delight!


Good Luck and HAVE FUN!



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