How to set your diet while recovering from anorexia

Tv_Book_junkie asks: I am “recovering” from my anorexia. But is it okay to not eat for two days and eat all those calories on the third day? Like saving them up so I won’t feel guilty?

Hi Tv_Book_junkie –


I have a very simple answer for you – though it’s going to look like no answer at all.


My answer is that Anorexia is a huge and dangerous illness, and you should be talking to a doctor about how you recover from it, and not taking advice on it from anyone else – not friends, not websites, and not friendly dogs.  Even a super-smart one like me!


But I’m going to guess that the doctor will say no.  In fact, a doctor is likely to say that going two days without eating isn’t recovery from Anorexia – it’s completely living in it!


But again, I am here for you in any way I can be, and will be glad to help you with any issues you have, especially while you recover.  But just as you wouldn’t have me try to make my own rabies vaccine, or fix my own broken toe, I don’t want you trying to ‘doctor’ yourself at this very fragile time.  Talk to an expert and use their help to get through this, so that you can live – and eat – happily and free of ANY guilt!


Best of Luck my friend!



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