How to answer difficult questions.

Anonymous asks: I recently started a blog link: And I was just wandering what do you do if someone asks you a question and you don’t quite know how to answer?

Hi Anonymous –


That’s really great that you’ve done this!  I’ve already signed up as a subscriber – and have to say, that photo of that bridge is gorgeous!  I wonder if they let dogs walk down it!


I actually get lots of questions I don’t know how to answer.  Sometimes people will write me a question from a class they’re in – something about science or math or history – and of course, no doggy knows any of that stuff!  With those, I’ll just find what looks to be a reputable website on that topic, and refer them to that.


But then there are the other hard sorts of questions.  Ones that are emotionally difficult.  Ones where I have a lot of trouble knowing just what to say, because maybe the writer is in some danger (for example, if they’re cutting themselves, or keeping food from giving them nutrition).


With those, my main advice is to listen to your heart.  And don’t pretend you know more than you do.  That person who’s starving themselves doesn’t need my expertise, but maybe my saying that it makes me horribly sad to hear about their pain, and I wish I could help, especially because I love eating so much – maybe that will help more than anything else anyone can say.


The worst way to answer would be to say something you don’t know is true, or you don’t even feel.  They’re trusting you to tell the truth – or at least your truth – and lying in some way won’t do any good at all.  And might actually harm them.  Far better to write them and say “I’m very sorry, but I don’t know enough to give you an answer to this.  You’ll need to talk with someone who’s more of an expert.”


Like about that bridge.  If you don’t know, please don’t tell me it’s okay for dogs.  Because it’d be so miserable for me if I went all the way there and found it wasn’t!


Good Luck!  I can’t wait to see what you write!



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