What to do when someone who likes you goes out with someone else

Confused asks: So there’s this guy I really like and he likes/liked me I don’t really know it’s really confusing and my friends have talked to him and they said that he told them that he likes me and he knows I like him but one day out of no where this girl asked him out and he said yes so I don’t know if he’s trying to make me jealous or if he just stopped liking me. What should I do?

Hi Confused –


Of course, I don’t know what’s going on in his mind – it could be him trying to make you jealous, it could be he stopped liking you, or it could be that he didn’t see you as a possible date so he asked her out instead, or it could be he likes you both… any are possible.


As far as what to do, that’s a tough one.  My first thought is that one of those friends who he talked with before could ask him what’s going on – if he tells them, that’ll be the easiest way.


But another thought is to ask him out yourself.  Just because this other girl asked him out and he said yes doesn’t mean she owns him forever.  It’ll probably feel great for his ego to be asked out by two girls at the same time (how many guys get that?!), but so what?  If he’s worth it, that’s fine.


Or… you could give up on him, and say that if he was willing to go out with another girl, then he’s not good enough for you – that he should have asked you out instead.


I can’t tell you which one would be the best (though if one of your friends can find out something from him, that will sure help).


But please let me know!  I’ll be excited to find out!


Best of Luck!

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