What problems come from avoiding social media?

Ayay asks: I don’t take pictures and I’m not a fan of social media. Is it a problem?

Hi Ayay –



What a great question. It seems like every day there’s a new story in the news about someone getting into trouble or getting hurt because of photos on social media. So my first instinct is to tell you “Keep it up! It’ll keep you safe!”


But the other side of that is that, sure it’s a problem. It’s a problem because most people, especially if you’re young, love posting pictures on social media. So that’s where they meet, and how they interact.


Think of it this way. Imagine you went to a school where the only time the students got to socialize was at lunch. And someone asked you “I don’t eat lunch; I spend that time alone doing another activity. Is that a problem?” Well your answer might be, “No, you’ll be so much healthier because our lunches are terrible!” Or “No, what you’re doing is so much better.” But even if both of those were correct, it would still also be true to say “But if you want to make more friends and get more of a social life, then yes it’s a problem.”


The good news for you is that there are lots of other ways to meet people and connect, besides social media. There’s real life, there’re the phone and emails and letters and all that. Or, if you were a dog like me, there are trees, telephone poles, and fire hydrants – which are GREAT social sites that don’t involve electronics or photos! But… I’m going to guess you’re a human.


So my final answer is that it’s not a problem at all, unless you decide you want to enter that social media world. And the day you do choose to, I only ask that you talk with everyone you can – whether teachers, friends, or even me, about how to stay as safe as possible.


But till then, I just say that, like me, you’ll be more connected to real life, you’ll have more time, you’ll have more room in your brain to think, and you’ll be LOTS safer. So if that’s a “problem,” that’s the kind of problem I like!


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