What to do when someone gives you mixed signals

Pennelope0214 asks: Hi so I have this guy who is really cute and perfect. I am not sure if he likes me too or not. There have been times when he has shown his care and gets upset when I do something wrong. Like today, I abused a guy and this guy got kinda upset and stopped talking to me. I tried too hard and apologized. After a lot of effort he finally accepted it. When we go for walk he wraps his arms around mine but leaves when someone comes. We always have lunch, dinner, breakfast altogether. Today when he was angry he didn’t even take his dinner. I don’t know what is on his mind, which I’d really like to know.

Hi Pennelope0214 –



So of course, I don’t know anything more than what you’ve told me, but I’ll say this – based on what I know, I like him too! I like that he got upset when you were mean to that other guy (It shows character, like when my human friend Handsome pulls me away and scolds me if I pick on an annoying puppy).


I also like that he shows affection to you, but then doesn’t show it off to others, as so many guys do.


But of course, then I don’t like that he actually leaves! And I’ll bet you don’t either!


So the fact that you eat pretty much all your meals together means he likes you a lot – at least as a friend. But then it’s clear that he’s not letting you know everything.


And here’s the bad news – I have no idea what else he’s feeling. He could feel “brotherly” to you, and enjoy holding you in that way, but be more interested in someone else. He could have very mixed feelings toward you and not know for sure what to do. Or he could be in love with you and frustrated that he doesn’t know how you feel!


So since I can’t read his mind, the only suggestion I can come up with is that you find out from him. Now if I were you, I know what I’d do – I’d run up to him, jump up on him, lick him across the face, and see if he’d chase me. But I understand you humans have to be more careful than that.


A lot of girls will probably tell you to act like you’re not interested in him, and see how he reacts. But I worry that that might make him actually believe you’re not interested, feel rejected, and so pull away from you.


I would suggest, instead, you find situations that would be different from your usual routine, where you could test him out a bit. What if you asked him to go with you to a scary movie, and in the creepy parts, cuddled up to him, to see if he puts his arm around you to comfort you? Or if you have a school dance, you could go “as friends,” but then see how he behaves during the romantic songs.


Or you always could just leave him sometime by kissing him right on the lips and running off. And seeing how he acts next time you see him.


You see, you’re actually trying to do two things here. One is to find out how he feels, but the other is to encourage him to look on you in a romantic way. So be friendly, be someone who’d be fun to date, be nice. But also be… interesting!


I wish you the best of luck with him. And if it doesn’t work out, there’ll be others down the road, I promise. At least because you have such a cool name: Handsome’s said for years that if he had a daughter, he’d love to name her Penelope. That it’s the prettiest name he knows.


Well, next to mine!



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