What kind of face do men like best on women?

Reena asks: Do men like women with a baby face? If yes, why?

Hi Reena –


One great thing about human attraction is that different people are attracted to different sorts. Modern media has hurt this in some ways – people who would naturally be attracted to one sort of person are conditioned to different sorts – but overall, what they call “animal attraction” still exists.

Many people believe that most people’s facial preferences are based on their families. You grew up madly loving the faces of the people you knew best, so later in life you’re drawn to those same sorts of looks (and voices, skin tones, body types, etc.). But of course, that’s not always the case.

Still, having said all this, there are certain sorts of looks that seem to be more generally popular overall. The “tall, dark, handsome man” fortune tellers have promised for centuries, the voluptuous fertility goddess figure we’ve seen from ancient statues up through Marilyn Monroe, to Christina Hendricks and Beyonce. And, yes, the baby face.

But not just in women!

Sure, Betty Boop has a baby face. And Debbie Reynolds had one, and Selena Gomez and Dakota Fanning. But so does Justin Bieber! And Zac Ephron. And Bradley Cooper.

It’s not even just sex symbols – the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had the face of a three year old, and the current American president Donald Trump has the pout most of you humans lose at two!

So I don’t know what answer you were hoping for, but my real answer to you is the same as if I wrote you asking if people liked small dogs. The answer is of course, yes! And medium ones, and large ones, and Great Danes and Newfoundlands. So do men like women with baby faces? Sure. And some like women with long thin very adult faces, and some like women with tough cool faces… and, yes, some prefer the faces of men anyway!

So whether you’re a baby-faced Rhianna or a triangle-faced Katy Perry or a mysterious Scarlett Johansson… there are those out there who find you ravishing. And even though I’ve never seen you or even smelled your hand, I know I’m one of them!


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