Does numerology work?

Shizuka blue asks: Are the numerology sites true? Just for fun, I checked my numerology report. It says that I am good but the faults I have read about me made me worry. Now, its like I am trying to judge myself whenever I do something, and it’s made me quite depressed. Before, I took it as a game but after having read it, I am afraid I really bear those traits. I don’t know how to get these thoughts out of my mind. Can you help?

Hi Shizuka blue –

As a dog, I believe in a very few things.  I believe in my own heart, I believe enormously in my human friend Handsome, and I believe in the awesomeness of the whole world around me (including the things I can’t see, like love and magic and the voices that come to us in the middle of the night from nowhere).

There’s also a lot I don’t not believe, but don’t understand.  I know there’s such a thing as Nuclear Physics, but I can’t pretend to grasp one proton of it!  I know there’s an infinite universe out there, but I can’t comprehend something that goes on forever.  I know there’s a number called Pi that also goes on forever that’s the key to how a circle is defined, but I can’t tell you all of it, or why it works.  I know that our physical makeup, and maybe lots more, is determined by incredibly small strands called DNA that hold more information than the biggest computer… but that completely mystifies me!

So when it comes down to any method that says it can predict the future, or personalities, or anything else like that, my answer is always, “Could be.  I have no idea.”

But I will admit that Numerology is a particularly tough one for me to believe in.

You see, lots of people believe in Astrology.  Well, anyone who’s ever seen an ocean during a full moon knows that the big bodies in the sky do have a giant power down here.  But it’s a big jump from there to believing that individuals are at all defined by what planets were where at the moment of their birth.

Now Numerology, which refers to many beliefs about the special power of numbers, has a really good chance of having some validity.  For example, that numeral Pi I mentioned above – the more you learn about it, the more magical it seems.  And when you realize that all Physics, and, many would argue, all Music and Art, is based in mathematics, it’s hard to say there’s nothing mystical or magical in certain numbers.

Where I’m inclined to raise an ear in doubt, however, Shizuka blue, is when it comes to websites that tell you who you are.

You see, people have posed as Astrologers, Psychics, Fortune Tellers, etc., for millennia, by understanding human nature and telling people about themselves.  For example, let’s say I sniffed your hand and told you, “Shikuza blue, you grew up with very mixed feelings about your family.  You knew they loved you, but also you sensed they didn’t really understand you, and at times held you back from being who you really were meant to be.”  Or, “When you were younger, you met someone you will always feel a deep connection with, like maybe you were partners in another life, who has no idea you even remember them.”  Or, “You have a deep anger that even your best friends don’t know about, that you feel you have to keep held inside so people will accept you.”

How did I do?  Pretty well, right?!  Now you know I’ve never sniffed your hand, or even met you.  So how did I know all these things about you?

The same way you could scratch my ears and say “Shirelle, when you were a puppy, you both wanted to make Handsome accept and love everything about you, and to rip him to shreds like a rawhide bone.”  Or “You sometimes have nightmares about being abandoned and alone.”  Or “You like cheese.”  It’s simple, I’m a dog, so I have these feelings.

Similarly, being a human means you’ve had those feelings and thoughts I mentioned above.

I can also give predictions and warnings, like “You will meet someone in the next year who will say something that changes your life.”  Or, “You will lose someone you value very much.”  Or, “Be careful about how you spend your money, you could throw it away on something unimportant.”

See what I’m doing?  I’m just talking about the really important, but not necessarily so obvious, experiences every human has.

So, back to your situation, my advice is to look at those things you “can’t get out of your mind” that you see on these numerology sites, and ask yourself why that is.  Is it because they’re really important to you?  Then that’s great – you’ve learned something really important from those sites!

Maybe one makes you focus on your true goals, or on the things you love, or on being careful.  If so, then fantastic.  Those awarenesses are all just great.

But if, after thinking about what I’ve said, you still think that maybe a website is telling you something truly magical and unique… then please, let me know about it!  I’m always excited to learn new things like this!



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