How to raise funds for a cause at school

Evies pack asks: My friends and I started this “fundraiser,” going around the school and collecting signatures for endangered animals. Before lunch, it was a hit. We totaled in 39 signatures! But after lunch, rumours were saying that it’s illegal to do that and everybody wanted to take their name off!!! It bothered me so much. I spent more then an hour in the bathroom trying to calm down. What can I do?

Hi Evies pack –

I might be a little confused, but I’ve never heard about any laws against raising funds or collecting signatures to help endangered animals.

One question though: Were you collecting these things for a particular organization, or just for yourselves to donate?  If the latter, you might want to try it again, with the “official stamp” of a particular charity.  It would be very hard, for example, for you to be collecting money on official World Wildlife Fund paperwork, and someone to accuse you of doing something wrong.

Again, not that you were doing anything wrong before, but this would be a way to make it clearer that what you’re doing is legal.

And beyond that, what you’re doing is WONDERFUL!!!!!!

Speaking for all us animals, thank you!  For your effort, and for the unfair trouble it put you through.  We truly appreciate it!


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