What to do with a pet you can’t give enough care to

I love Monty asks: In some of my previous questions, I’ve mentioned my pet snake, Monty. Well recently I haven’t been paying much attention to him, and I’m not good at remembering to change his water and stuff. I do it, but not as often. My parents think I should sell him, and I didn’t tell them but I agree a bit. I know it’s best for him but I would REALLY miss him… I don’t know what I should do… Sell him or keep him? I need money because I’m saving up money and hopefully his new owner would be good. I want to keep him, because I’d really miss him and I love him and I just don’t know!!! Please help!!!

Hi I love Monty –

It is wonderful to see a pet-owner care as much as you do.  I see dogs and cats all the time whose caretakers pay hardly any attention to them, and feel just fine about it.  (Well, maybe some of those nasty cats deserve it!  Heh heh!)

I think there’s a way for you to get all you want, and for Monty to have the best possible life.  What if you put him up for sale, but part of the deal was that they had to allow you to visit him?

This would accomplish a few things.  First you’d get the money you need.  But second, you wouldn’t lose all contact with him forever; you’d still be able to see him, and maybe bring him some treats.  And third, which might be the biggest deal of all, you’d be able to check up on him, and make sure that he’s being treated at least as well as he was by you – or, hopefully, even better.

(Oh that reminds me – as well as having in the agreement that you can visit him, you also should put in that, if you’re unhappy with how he’s being treated, you can buy him back for the same price they paid for him.  That way you can make sure he’s okay – even if you have to borrow the money to get him back.)

All animals were originally happy to live in the wild.  Some of us have experienced such love in the human world that we choose to stay in it.  Monty is such a lucky snake to be able to live in the love that comes from you.  Your wish to give him a better home than you can currently give him is just the ultimate proof of that.  This world can always use more humans like you!

Thanks for making me feel so good!


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