What to do if you’re asked out by two boys you like

shayna634 asks: My first and second choices asked me out. I sit next to my #2 choice, so if I deny him he will hate me, and I have a big sister who is best friends with his big sister, so probably his whole family will hate me! Who do I pick?

Hi shayna634 –



Hmmmm… I’m wondering – do you actually have to pick between the two?  Could you go out with both, at least once?  Just as friends?


That might make it a bit easier.  If your #1 choice is still your #1 choice after that, you won’t be in any worse shape than you are today, but you’ll have been nice and said yes to the #2 guy at least once; but if your opinion changes on those two dates, you could actually happily get more involved with #2.


Let me know if that’s possible.  But I should add here – do you really think his older sister and their family would hate you if you dated another boy?  If that’s the case, they sound a little scary to me!


Let me know!



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